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News Item: Upload: Troubleshooting and Repairing Your Commodore 64
(Category: Misc)
Posted by mhoney
Monday 22 August 2011 - 21:52:42

If you own a C-64, this sourcebook is probably the most important "addon" you'll ever purchase! Packed with maintenance tips, easy troubleshooting procedures, and do-it-yourself repair techniques, it can save you untold time, money, and frustration over the lifetime of your micro. The simple chip changing instructions, alone, will enable you to cure at least 50% of the problems that cause micro breakdowns. Plus, Margolis gives you as much technical detail and advanced computer repair guidance as you're interested in acquiring! Advanced hardware enthusiasts and professional service technicians will both appreciate the in-depth examination of every C-64 circuit including timing diagrams.

Submitted by mhoney

This news item is from Everything Commodore
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