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News Item: Upload: Artificial Intelligence Projects for your Commodore 64
(Category: Misc)
Posted by mhoney
Thursday 01 September 2011 - 18:15:42

Discover a whole new dimension in your C-64's programming abilities! If you're tired of ordinary computer games if you're looking for something exciting and different to do with your C-64 here's the answer! It's a whole collection of artificial intelligence (AI) projects designed to tap your micro's real problem-solving capabilities for both practical and entertainment applications. Leading off with a definition of artificial intelligence and an overview of AI concepts, the author provides 16 ready-to-run programs in BASIC to illustrate your micro's cognitive powers. You'll cover tree searches (testing all possible solutions to a problem), hueristics (a modified trial-and-error technique), algorithms, and pattern searching/recognition routines. You'll find out how to solve simple-and not-so-simple-puzzles like Towers of Hanoi and the Knight's Tourof the Chessboard ... explore concepts of animal behavior and how it can be simulated . . . analyze how natural language can be recognized and acted on by the computer ... simulate an actual human-machine conversation ... and use an interactive routine that allows your micro to make deductions through clever application of set theory. There's even a program that allows your micro to write its own program modifications! And, as an extra bonus, the author has included a functioning word processing program (which he used to write this book's manuscript) and a graphics program that lets you draw on the screen with a joystick. Totally fascinating and packed with techniques that will help you improve all your BASIC programming practice, this is a sourcebook that will open a whole new dimension in your computer usage! Timothy J. O'Malley is a writer and programmer whose experience spans both mainframe and microcomputer experiments in artificial intelligence. 
Submitted by mhoney

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