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News Item: Upload: Inside Commodore DOS
(Category: Misc)
Posted by mhoney
Thursday 25 August 2011 - 12:58:02

This manual is intended to supplement the documentation provided in the 1541 User's Manual. Although this manual is primarily designed to meet the needs of the intermediate to advanced programmer, it will also be of interest to the novice Commodore user who wants to know more about how his 1541 disk drive works. This manual is not intended to replace the documentation provided by Commodore Business Machines, Inc. and the reader is assumed to be relatively familiar with the contents of the 1541 User's Manual. For the sake of continuity and clarity, some of the information covered in the 1541 User's Manual is also presented here. However, the majority of the information presented in this manual is original and is the result of intensive dis-assembly and annotation of the 1541's DOS by the authors. Some information is based on articles and notes published in a variety of publications as well as discussions with other knowledgeable disk experts. This manual was not prepared with the assistance of Commodore Business Machines, Inc. Although we cannot guarantee the accuracy of all the information presented in this manual, the material has been thoroughly researched and tested.

There were several reasons for writing Inside Commodore DOS:
1. To correct errors and omissions in the 1541 User's Manual.
2. To help you make more effective use of your disk drive.
3. To provide complete information on diskette formatting.
4. To provide complete information on the storage of files.
5. To allow you to read and write data in non-standard ways.
6. To help you make a backup copy of your "protected" diskettes.
7. To help you recover damaged diskettes.
8. To help you understand the operation of your disk drive.

NOTE : .D64 included inside PDF

Submitted by mhoney

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