Author Neil Salkind has carefully put together a well-balanced 'mixture of howt o information and design ideas that will have you producing your own custom tailored graphics and other special effects in no time. You'll find comprehensive coverage of all the GEOS features, including:

• geoPaint. The graphics capabilities found in GEOS's drawing program are extraordinary. You have a choice of over a dozen tools, ranging from a paintbrush to an area-fill tool, with which you can accomplish amazingly complicated and sophisticated designs in color or monochrome. You can even add text in various fonts and styles to personalize your creations.
• geoWrite. With this easy-to-learn word processor, you'll be able to produce clean copy ranging from simple business letters to full-length manuscripts.
• The desk accessories. Built into the GEOS system are the desk accessories, which can be used simultaneously with either geoPaint or geoWrite. You'll be able to write' yourself notes, use a calculator, set an alarm clock, create a photo album of various graphics, and much more.
• Desktop publishing. Once you've mastered the basic components of GEOS, you can even go on to become your own desktop publisher. By combining the features of geoPaint and geoWrite, you'll be able to control the entire publication process, from the idea to the finished product.

Copiously illustrated, COMPUTE!'s User's Guide to GEOS is more than a collection of what someone else has accomplished. Besides being an excellent sourcebook and idea-generator for what you might want to achieve with GEOS, it's also a solid, hands-on guide to producing your own custom-designed graphics. As a tutorial, the book leads you step by step with clear and concise descriptions. You'll quickly become comfortable with GEOS and begin discovering your own uses for this remarkable software package.

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