SYSRES is an operating system which works in conjunction with the BASIC operating system in your Commodore-64 to give you, the programmer, advanced program and file manipulation ability. The syntax has been carefully selected to be as similar as possible to many other such systems, while adding a host of additional features. SYSRES'" is designed to be addictive to programmers but NOT addictive to programs. This means that no commands are added or changed in the way in which they behave within a program. Software developed under SYSRES is fully compatible with a non-SYSRES environment. By using an extremely powerful syntax structure, SYSRES adds over 1100 new functions to BASIC, while only using 33 new command words (plus 11 dos-support commands). Even with all of this power, SYSRES is very simple to use, because most commands accept syntax with which you may already be familiar, the more powerful features are optional. SYSRES hides away under BASIC, so it USES NO RAM which would normally be available to BASIC programs (except 256 bytes from $COOO to $CFFF for BASIC interface)(Ref: pp. 2-3). One reason SYSRES is not in a cartridge is that a cartridge takes 8K away from your BASIC RAM!

Submitted by mhoney Sysres