Soon after purchasing your VIC-20 or Commodore 64, you undoubtedly discovered that home computers are sophisticated and powerful tools. But YOl !'Ve also found that, by itself, the computer is not enough. With nothing but a computer, how can you use software on tape or disk? How can you print out a copy of a program listing or even a letter? How can you access data bases, save programs to tape, or use non-Commodore devices? What you need are peripherals. But which peripherals? What do they do? How do you hook them up, and how do you use them once they're connected? Commodore Peripherals: A User's Guide answers those questions. It's the first comprehensive guide to the myriad of Commodore peripherals available for the VIC and 64. From Datassettes to modems and interfaces, it clearly explains each device and tells you what it can do. 
The peripherals documented in this book include: 
• 1541 disk drive 
• VIC-1525 graphic printer 
• VIC Super Expander 
• CP/M for the Commodore 64 
• Model 1600 VICMODEM 
• 1530 Datassette 
• And others, from memory expanders to printer Iplotters.