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The All-New Rear Admiral HyperDrive™ System
by:  MyTec Electronics

"The Ultimate Hard Disc Solution for Commodore 64 (and 128) Personal Computers"

(AKA: The Lt. Kernal - II)

Complete Rear Admiral HyperDrive™ System


160MB HyperDrive™ Hard Disc Unit,  Host Adaptor, RA DOS v7.3 Installation Disk,  Owner's Manual (PDF), All Connection Cables, and Ready-To-Go...

Plus Exclusive "System Enhancements" are now available from MyTec Electronics - See Below for Available Options

This System is 100% Compliant with the Xetec Lt. Kernal Hard Drive System and Surpasses the original design specifications. Completely Redesigned Host Adaptor, Internal Logic, and DOS are More Powerful, Feature Packed, and Easy to Use.

Rear Admiral HyperDrive™ Host Adaptor Details
Key System Features:

° S.M.A.R.T. - "System Memory And Register Trapping"
Previously known as "I.C.Q.U.B." - This feature provides Quick Capturing and Instant Loading of C64 Programs. (Including copy-protected games/programs)
° FastCopy - High Speed Copies to/from Floppies and HD Partitions. (Blazing Backup/Restore Support for 1541, 1571 and 1581 Drives)
° AutoCopy - Instant Transfer of Large Archives across HD Partitions. (Copy ANY of your programs to/from any HD Logical Units)
° Extended DOS Commands - Allowing superior control of all file access and enhanced features for Commodore accessibility.
° Integrated CBM Support - PRG, SEQ, USR, REL Native Support. (All FULLY Compliant, NO EMULATION)
° Easy Installation - Ready for QUICK Operation. All components provided for C64, 64C installation and can be used with the SX-64 Executive Computer as well. (Also upgradeable for C128 / C128-D operation)
° Unlimited Storage Capability - Expandable Support for Zip 100 Drive. System supports addition of Zip-100 hardware to provide removable storage of up to 70MB per disc on Zip-100 Media. (Zip Drive and Media Not Included - Optional Electronics Required)
° Multiplexing Capability - Up to 16 Computers may access a centralized Hard Drive via the new Rear Admiral AutoMUX® Multiplexer. (AutoMUX® Not Included - Optional System Enhancement)
° Lifetime Registration - Registered Owners will have access to Exclusive Support Information as well as Firmware and DOS updates plus a Free upgrade to the next DOS version.
° U.S.A. MADE SYSTEM - BRAND NEW PRODUCT  Proprietary Logic, Software, Firmware, and Circuit Boards are Designed exclusively in the State of Michigan, U.S.A.  UL-Listed Host Adaptor Housings and Circuit Boards are produced exclusively in the States of Ohio and Washington, U.S.A.  All Assembly and Testing is performed in the State of Michigan, U.S.A.

Rear Admiral Production "Ramped-Up" to Meet Demands

News Update:  The Rear Admiral HyperDrive™ System is proposed to be fully featured in Return Magazine !

Rear Admiral Installation to your Commodore 64 is Fast & Easy

The Mini-Clip Connections for a C64 (or 64C) can be done in Just Minutes. (Easily connect the HIRAM and CAEC wires to any version of the 64)

Pre-Configured System - Just Install and Go ! Your Rear Admiral HyperDrive™ will arrive Fully Configured and Ready for Launch.

Configuration Example:

LU10 = DOS (operating system)
User Capacity: 160MB

Optional Features that may be added to your Rear Admiral HyperDrive™ System


Zip-100 Drive Enhancement: With *additional electronics, you may add an External Zip-100 SCSI Drive (sold separately) allowing the system to provide removable storage space on Zip-100 Media (sold separately). Each Zip-100 Disc will yield an additional 70MB of instant access archive storage. The Capacity is Virtually UNLIMITED using Removable Media. *Centronics-50 Male to DB-25 Male SCSI Cable also required.

Zip Drive Configuration Example:

User Removable Capacity: 70MB
*This optional enhancement also provides Parity Support for a wide variety of modern SCSI Hard Drives. Xetec Lt. Kernals were NEVER available with Such Capabilities.
(Inquire to MyTec Electronics with regards to this optional feature)


AutoMUX® Multiplexer Enhancement: With the new AutoMUX® Multiplexer device, you may connect up to 16 Computers to Access the data on a single HyperDrive™ Hard Disc System. Each AutoMUX® Multiplexer will support 2 Host Adaptors. You may connect up to 8 AutoMUX® units, allowing as many as 16 Host Adaptors to Simultaneously access your data.

Additional Host Adaptors are also available from MyTec Electronics. The new AutoMUX® outperforms the Xetec Multiplexers in that no data collisions are possible with the advanced design implementations of this Multiplexing System. (Inquire to MyTec Electronics with regards to this optional feature)

*The only configuration required is changing the Port # setting on the back of the Host Adaptors. The AutoMUX® handles the rest "Automatically."

Endorsements and Success Story

Endorsed - August 12th, 2010:

This system has been fully endorsed by: LLoyd E. Sponenburgh, co-designer of the original Lt. Kernal, and the First Registered Owner of a Rear Admiral HyperDrive™ System.

Endorsed - August 17th, 2010:

This system has been fully endorsed by: eBay member 94bravo, author of the Lt. Kernal information site, and the Second Registered Owner of a Rear Admiral HyperDrive™ System.

Success Story - September 15th, 2010:

"This thing ROCKS!"

I am located in Toronto, Ontario (Canada) and was a long time member of TPUG.  I bought my Rear Admiral system several weeks ago from mytec electronics.  They sent it to me very quickly and I had it completely installed to my c64 within 20 minutes of opening the box.

This is an extended version, for lack of a better phrase, of the legendary Xetec Lt. Kernal hard drive system.  It has a very nicely updated dos and new menus in lots of places. It's much easier to use because of the many improvements.  The really cool thing is the host adapter.  It is one "sexy" looking device.  It even has a reset button on the back for 64 users, NICE!  The old ICQUB button is now called SMART and it is a blue button on the top with a little blue LED next to it.  It lights up when the button is pressed and even stays on, briefly, during program captures.  It still saves programs to familiar .ICQ files in the same way the Lt. Kernal did, and they work the same. But it's way easier to use and better explained in the menus.  I have already made a lot of archives of my favourite programs and they all load in the blink of an eye.

The fastcopy menu is really easy now, since the "f-key" functions are spaced for one-finger quick operation, not like the "shifted f-keys" that were all jammed together at the top of the old fastcopy menu.  Same thing with the config menus, all of the defaults are easy to see and some really cool popup help too!  Setting up logical units is a breeze since the prompts let you know what you are doing and it doesn't get confusing. My system came with all of the logical units configured for me.  I have not shut it off since I installed it and I intend to keep it running 24/7 with my telnet BBS and my Swiftlink.

If you used to own a Lt. Kernal, you want this thing.  If you never got your chance to get a Lt. Kernal, you want this thing.  If you own a commodore 64 or 128, YOU WANT THIS THING! Thank you mytec for making this system from all of us who've waited so long. "The LTK is BACK!"

[Registered License #10000014]

Q&A from previous buyers:

Question: Hi. I owned 2 ltk's and was wondering if the dos in this is similar to the lieutenant kernal?

Answer: Hello, the 7.3 DOS commands are nearly identical with very few exceptions.  There are many improvements and additional functions that have been added.

Question: I used to own an Lt.K and had to modify my xetec interface so I could use my turbo 232 with the system. Do I still have to do that with this new system? I had a problem that I can't remember specifics about when I used my novaterm and wonder if that is going to be a problem. Can you tell me if it would work with novaterm? At any rate, nice to see a new commodore product arrive on the market.

Answer: You probably had a Revision "B" Host Adaptor from Xetec. This required manual modification so it could use I/O port #2 (DF00-DFFF).  The later Revision "C" Host Adaptors were equipped with an I/O port jumper on the front, allowing selection of both ports 1 (DE00-DEFF) & 2 (DF00-DFFF).  The Rear Admiral Host Adaptors have the I/O selection jumper onboard and will easily allow this selection for you. Novaterm was written to only look at Logical Drive 0, since it was designed only for boot from floppy disk, so when used with an LTK it could not load from other Logical Units by default. Many people would hack the Novaterm program itself to allow load support from other LU's.  The easiest solution was to place the Novaterm program and associated files on LU #0 and then invoke the "USER" command to isolate the Novaterm files from the rest of LU #0's content.  This solution still works fine with the RA and presents no problems to Novaterm operation. The "USER" command is a great feature for "sub-directory" management of files, since any LU can have up to 16 "USER" assignments.  The "USER" and "DIR" commands of the LTK/RA Systems are very powerful and the new S.M.A.R.T. feature puts ICEPIC and Super-Snapshot to bed.  Thank you for your questions and we are very proud to present an all-new Commodore product to bring the "thinkers" back online.