Rear Admiral (Additional Information)
on 10 Aug 2011
The All-New Rear Admiral HyperDrive™ Systemby:  MyTec Electronics"The Ultimate Hard Disc Solution for Commodore 64 (and 128) Personal Computers"(AKA: The Lt. Kernal - II)Complete Rear Admiral HyperDrive™ SystemEVERYTHING YOU NEED IS INCLUDED:160MB HyperDrive™ Hard Disc Unit,  Host Adaptor, RA DOS v7.3 Installation Disk,  Owner's Manual (PDF), All Connection Cables, and Ready-To-Go...Plus Exclusive "System Enhancements" are now available from MyTec Electronics - See Below for Available OptionsThis System is 100% Compliant with the Xetec Lt. Kernal Hard Drive System and Surpasses the original design specifications. Completely Redesigned Host Adaptor, Internal Logic, and DOS are More Powerful, Feature Packed, and Easy to [read more]
Rear Admiral (Lt. Kernal Clone)
on 10 Aug 2011
The Rear Admiralby Jeff J., Designer/Author of the Rear Admiral HyperDrive System released in 2010[The Rear Admiral] not a "cartridge" - It's a complete SCSI System Host Adaptor & Hard Drive with an incredibly powerful operating system. It's also the only product for 64/128 computers that provides simultaneous multiplexing of all data on the hard drive between multiple computers. The DOS provides so many features and operates in less time that in takes to blink your eyes. It also supports "real" Relative (and all other) format files and can run nearly anything in the very same way that any [read more]
uIEC/SD Geos / DNP
on 20 Oct 2010
Instructions on how to use a DNP image with the uIEC/SD to run GEOS / Wheels
Put the fakerom in the root of the DNP and issue this command every time before you run Geos / Wheels: @"XR:FAKEHD.BIN" [read more]