How to get a fast 2x2-FLI routine
on 20 Jul 2011
How to get a fast 2x2-FLI routine by Wolfram Sang (Ninja/The Dreams - ====================================================== Shortly before X2004, Oswald/Resource asked me if I could do a 2x2-FLI routine, which is fast enough to have some extra cycles for the main routine while displaying the FLI. That was an interesting problem, so maybe the things I came up with may be inspiring for you, too. To see the routine in action, have a look for the demo "REAL" by Resource and The Dreams. If it wasn't for such a routine, no one would probably have dared to do a tunnel and the julia-effect in such a resolution, because it would have [read more]
SID File Format Information
on 13 Jul 2011
This document describes the SID file format used for SID tunes in the HVSC
(High Voltage SID Collec[...]
=========================== SID FILE FORMAT DESCRIPTION =========================== AUTHORS: Michael Schwendt (PSID v1 and v2) Simon White (PSID v2NG, RSID) Dag Lem (PSID v2NG) LaLa (This document) INTRODUCTION ============ This document [read more]
Memory expansions for the Commodore 64
on 15 Oct 2010 print the content item create pdf file of the content item
Commodore 64 becomes remarkably more efficient by adding memory to it. Then the worst slow-down, inc[...]
Attached is a PDF on how to add memory to the Commodore 64.In 1986, when the original article was written, there were no commercial memory extensions for sale in Finland.1Of course there were some in the USA, but they were quite useless, as they had only 64 kB of memory, and theprice was high as well. When built by oneself, the following memory expansion should have costed 300–400 Finnishmarks. [read more]