D64 Editor V0.30 (Full Setup w/VB runtimes)
Author mhoney
Author website http://www.d64editor.com/
Description Read D64 files, display the directory, move files around the directory, rename files.
Export files from the D64 into PRG files
Import files into the D64 with autodetection for P00 files.
View/Edit the BAM
View the block chain of files on the D64
Create new blank D64 files, clean existing D64's
View and modify blocks on the disk in hex.
Automatic check for crosslinked files on the D64.
View the directory using the native c64 font
SEQ File Viewer using the c64 font with PETASCII->ASCII conversion option
Drag and Drop functionality. Drag D64's onto the main screen to load them, drag other files to import them.
Preliminary support for importing T64's
A filename builder to enable easy use of the C64 Characterset in filenames
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Date Tuesday 02 August 2011 - 13:11:38
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