BBS Server User Guide v1.2
Author mhoney
Description Telnet BBS Server is a small Windows program that provides Internet connectivity for
Commodore (or other 8-bit) computers. Essentially, it performs these two functions:
Provides incoming Telnet access to 8-bit BBSes.
Provides outgoing Telnet functionality for 8-bit Terminal programs.
BBS Server acts as a modem emulator , appearing as a modem to either end of the connection.
This means that the BBS or Terminal program can run without modification. It runs as a
background task and uses negligible CPU time.
It is possible to run multiple instances of BBS Server, each listening on a different TCP port and
linking to a different COM Port. This allows multiple (or multi-node) BBSes to be run through a
single PC, or simultaneous operation of a BBS and a Terminal program.
A busy message is provided. When the BBS is in use and another caller attempts a connection,
the new caller is informed that the BBS is busy and is invited to call back. The amount of time the
current user has been connected and idle is also given.
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